1. Subscription and Payment Twinleon Fraud Scanning Panel services are available through periodic subscription plans. These plans require prepayment in accordance with the chosen packages, pricing schemes, amounts, overage charges, and subscription cycles during the registration process. The Subscription Service will automatically renew, and your credit card or selected payment method will be charged on each renewal date without requiring further authorization from you.

2. Billing Service Providers Twinleon Fraud Scanning Panel utilizes various billing service providers. By utilizing their services, you agree to adhere to and comply with the policies set forth by these providers.

3. Payments and Refunds Payments made and charges accrued to your account are non-refundable. Subscription fees for Twinleon Fraud Scanning Panel are always prepaid. Cancellation requests initiated during the middle of a payment cycle (monthly, quarterly, or yearly, as per the chosen payment plan) will take effect on the final day of the ongoing payment cycle. We do not provide prorated refunds or partial reimbursements for unused services.

4. Free Trial During the "FREE TRIAL" period, a pre-authorization will be placed on your card for security purposes; however, no charges will be made. Once the trial period concludes, your card will be charged for the selected plan amount, and billing will continue on a monthly basis unless canceled before the next billing cycle. Each customer is entitled to only one trial period. Users seeking an additional trial period might incur immediate charges upon activating their accounts.

5. Monthly and Yearly Plans For MONTHLY or YEARLY plans, your card will be charged in full immediately upon signup, and subsequent billing will follow accordingly.

6. Subscription Continuation Your account will remain active, and charges will continue accumulating until you choose to downgrade or cancel your subscription. Twinleon Fraud Scanning Panel operates as a membership service, with recurring charges based on the subscription period and not tied to usage levels. Cancelling or removing campaigns, discontinuing the use of Twinleon Fraud Scanning Panel's website or software, or lack of usage are not valid grounds for automatic account cancellation or refunds. You will remain responsible for any accrued charges until you formally cancel via our customer support through the on-site contact form or in-app live chat, regardless of your account activity.

7. Billing Statement All charges will be displayed on your credit card statement as "Twinleon Fraud Scanning Panel."

Cancellation Policy

1. Easy Cancellation Process If you are dissatisfied with our service, canceling your subscription is quick and straightforward. Submit a cancellation request via our on-site contact form, providing your full name, account username/password, and the last four digits of the credit card used for signing up. We will process your cancellation within three business days, without any inquiries or complications.

2. Free Trial Cancellation When participating in the FREE TRIAL, to prevent post-trial charges, ensure that you submit the cancellation request within the trial period.